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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

News from the Gaming Front

Just when you thought he'd gone away, here he comes again; Anti-gaming crusader Jack Thompson, who now apparently thinks he's Christ-like. Sometimes I wonder if he's bipolar, given how he's normally semi-sane appearing in public appearances then acts offensive and mad as a hatter in e-mail exchanges.

I am a Christian. I believe the term is 'non-practicing'. I can't find a church where the preacher isn't either freaky wierd, the sancutary is embedded with Jumbotron 3000's, or both. I may not know much of the scriptures, but last time I checked Jesus wasn't advocating the eradication of entire swaths of the population. He might frown upon the games played, but my understanding is that he would sooner have tried to talk someone out of it to save them from sin than say they at the very least deserve to go to jail, implying game retail clerks should be killed, or getting his rocks off over a gamer who committed suicide while lording it over his net-friends. Heck, he (Christ) even asked God to forgive the Romans and Jews who condemned him to the cross becasue they didn't understand what they were doing.

If Jack were really a Christian he would know this. Even I, with my limited knowledge, know this. He might want to try following this example because he's even lost my mother, who at first thought I was lieing about the vitrol he spews until I showed her site after site of archives of his correspondence with gamers.

The sad thing is that a lot of gamers agree with the general message that kids need to be kept away from the more volent games. Too bad he's too busy calling them scum, idiots, "pissants", "Pixelantes", or whatever attempted cutesy words he's invented now to even contemplate listening and building a support base of anyone under 30.