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Friday, March 31, 2006

Another example of liberalism being understanding of and nonjudgemental of others.

I thought that's what it was about right? I've noticed that many cannot practice what they preach. The latest example, an exchange from the comments section of this blurb on Expose the Left

Ranba Ral Said:
March 30, 2006

I hear the chickenhawk garbage about myself all the time. It used to really tick me off because I dumped college and tried to enlist about 2 years ago. I’d be in Mosul right now if my eyes didn’t suck too much for me to get in.

Experience tells me that the fact that at least I tried to get in, applying for a combat MOS even, apparently doesn’t mean anything either according to ‘progressives’. I’m still a ‘coward’.

Final thought: As far as birds go, I much prefer ducks. As in “water off the back of”. It’s how I’ve learned to deal with idiots.

J.Matthews Said:
March 30, 2006

I call bullshit on 33Ranba Ral.
There are plenty of soldiers with less than perfect eyesight; the government would be more than happy to give you a pair of glasses.
With the dregs, they are scraping off the bottom of the barrel and all the forced enlistments of deferred convicted felons that boil on my ass excuses no longer is going to wash.

I am sure they would have found something for your little chicken hawk ass to do.
There are always plenty of potatoes to peel and toilets to scrub.
After all, you have been licking bush’s asshole for the past few years so I am sure you are plenty use to the smell by now.

Keep making excuses, you just appear lamer with each one.

Ranba Ral Said:
March 31, 2006


Thanks for proving my point. It’s called early onset glaucoma. They debated for 6 months on whether or not they’d let me in. I appealed twice before it got to the point where I’d have to get a job to pay bills instead of playing paper games. I volunteered for 19 Kilo (tanker), and the unit I would’ve gone to under buddy contract if I’d gone in is the 172nd SBCT. After the first PDQ I said I’d do any MOS and they still said ‘no’ because apparently I can’t fly in a depressurized airplane cabin.

You know, it's great to have your own opinion and all, but one could at least try to be civil when expressing it. These people wonder why they anti-war activists and rallies are increasingly more shunned by the average citizen. Some of the protestors are great people, but many I have encountered are whiney, annoying, crass people who fall back on hurling insults like calling someone Bush's asslicker instead of even pretending to listen.