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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I don't want to go on the cart....

I'm not quite dead yet.

I just got done reading this post at Little Green Footballs about the photos of the Red Cross ambulance that was supposedly hit by Israel being pulled. It could be shenanigans, it could be bandwith drain, or it could be their pics are on rotation. I honestly wouldn't doubt shenanigans.

But I also have to admit that I am predisposed to not like the Red Cross/Red Crescent. They lost me in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam when they would do "G.I. Combat Releif" stuff and charged my grandfather and two uncles, respectively, for care packages. The Salvation Army gave better packages for free. I haven't heard this just from them either. I would have just put it down to whiney relatives excagerating (I mean, comeon, all we hear about is Red Cross this and that) if not for a Marine WWII vet that came in to get ink at work this past summer. We somehow got to talking about aid agencies and he got going on it too. Tack onto that the bungling around with the 9/11 relief donations and I have trouble supporting the Red Cross.


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